Apoorv Saxena

Hi. I'm Apoorv Saxena.

Software Engineer at Directi, Hacker, Open Source Evangelist, wannabe Photographer.
Mail at: root@apoorv.pro

Learn about what I do

I build amazing things.

I have experience in building Web Applications, RubyGems, Browser Extensions and lots more.

Programming Languages & FrameWorks

PHP, CakePHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, JavaScript, AngularJS, Watir


Driving Traffic

Includes Search Engine Optimization and Media Marketing for making an application's presence feel to the world.


Increasing Engagement

Performing Usability Testing, incorporating insights gathered from Analaytics data and much more.

Awesome work makes happy users.

Facebook Newsfeed Search Engine

Searches Facebook Newsfeed of any Facebook page or of any of your Friend's or your own, also allows ranking the Search results by Likes, Comments, Shares or Creation Time.

Send me a message....

I love challenging and rewarding work. If you have a great idea and think I'd be a good fit, please get in touch